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  • Have you ever wondered where your work colleague got their amazing t-shirt from?
  • Where did your mate's mate get her funky coloured eye-shadow from?
  • Does the outfit I'm wearing today look good?
  • What can I wear with these courdroy jeggings?

Products we love

Blendable face powder – True Match

Posted on 25 Oct 10:38

This powder from L’Oreal is another of my MUST-HAVES. It comes in a cute compact that includes a mirror and applicator pad. It comes in a number of shades and I use Golden Beige on my quite fair skin and matches it almost perfectly.

Glam’Eyes eyeshadow amazing for BLUE-EYES

Posted on 25 Oct 10:39

Glam’Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Smokey Brun is a four-section eye-shadow palette. Usually with these I only end up using one of them and wasting the rest but this one is SO different, I’m using all 4 on a daily basis.

It gives you a diagram on the back of where to put each shade. For a day look, the three lighter colours build to give really great colour and the darker colour is great for lining under my bottom lashes.

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